An unexpected visitor at Cosentino Winery

We decided to head to Chris’ favorite winery after an afternoon in Napa Valley.

Cosentino Winery was the very first winery Chris became a member of years ago.  The price of the wine is reasonable and they have a great variety to choose from.  Over the years she has found some real bargain’s at Cosentino.  If you are in Napa, this would be a must visit location.

When we arrived at Cosentino, we were pleasantly surprised to meet up with Steve.  Originally Steve was going to be on vacation.  Steve ushered us to the back room to have a vertical tasting of M. Coz, which is a Bordeaux style wine (In America we call it a Meritage) and is one of three of my favorites at Cosentino.

As we were sitting back enjoying some of the various years of M. Coz, a familiar voice was heard behind some barrels.  Steve got up to take a look and all of a sudden Mitch Cosentino joins us.

Mitch is on the left side of Chris, and Steve is on the right.


Of course Chris’ eyes got really wide.  Mitch’s wine is Chris’ favorite.  She was elated…

We spent the next two hours talking about wine and Mitch’s newest wine endeavor.  We were also talking about the upcoming Mediterranean cruise in the fall hosted by Cosentino, Girard, and Kunde.  It was a real treat sampling the various vintages and tasting from the different bottles.  We had numerous 750ml, three liters and a six liter open.

It was amazing and a dream come true for Chris again!



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  • Thanks Steve for your continued AMAZING hospitality! Getting to hang with Mitch was priceless. Love Cosentino wines and the maker behind them! CHEERS! ~Chris

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