Lets get started!

Well, here we go.

There are a lot of things I want to accomplish with this blog.

I hope to share the wines I enjoy and have discovered over time.  I continually try to discover new “Oh Wow” wines like I found some time ago.

I am not going to be a “Gary Vanerchuck”, even though I enjoyed watching his video blog for many years.  I want to be my own person and share my views and passions for wine.  I believe wine ratings and wine reviews are only suggestions.  Why is it one persons palette better than another’s?  I believe your palette is the best in the world because it is yours and you should drink what you like.

I hope to educate you and help you develop your own personal wine palette.

Lets get started!



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  • About time you got this going!!! Looking forward to your great reviews and suggestions. Cheers

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