2011 Weese Family Vineyards Rockpile Cabernet Sauvignon


Rockpile AVA is an American Viticultural Area in Sonoma County, California, northwest of the town of Healdsburg. Established on February 28, 2002, Rockpile AVA was Sonoma County’s twelfth designated wine appellation. The wine region consists of approximately 15,400 acres (62 km2) in northwestern Sonoma County. Sixteen wineries feature wines from the Rockpile AVA.  Even though the Rockpile AVA is a relatively new AVA, the area has been known as Rockpile since the 1850’s.  Approximately 2,500 of the acres of the Rockpile AVA overlap the Dry Creek Valley viticultural area to the Southeast.


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Weese Family Winery is family owned and is nestled in Healdsburg California. Brothers Matthew and William Weese grew up in the heart of Sonoma County with dreams to make their mark on the wine industry. With the support of their family, they each pursued wine and developed their skills to reflect their passion and dedication to this artisanal craft.


Deep color depth with a purple hue.


Aromatic, young-fruity with aromas of dark fruit, green pepper, cassis, oak and a little smoke.

Dry, full-bodied with great acidity.  Tannins are soft.  Rich mid-palate flavors with a long savory finish.

ABV: 14.5%

How Much: $45.00

Region/Appellation: Sonoma, Rockpile AVA

The brothers have produced a great wine.  I will have to try their Reserve red and Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot noir.

I rated the 2011 Weese Family Vineyards Rockpile Cabernet Sauvignon three glasses.

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