Restaurant Food & Pricing Ratings Definitions

Food ratings:

One Fork =
I would probably not eat here again, because the food is hit and miss

Two Forks =
A worthy addition to its neighborhood with consistency in its food.

Three Forks =
A Value.  Merits a drive if you’re looking for this type of food

Four Forks =
Defines excellence in local dining.  Worth the investment

Five Forks =
Sets the standard for fine dining in the region and consistently provides superior quality dining


Restaurant Pricing:

The price code represents a typical full- course meal for one person, excluding drinks

$ = $15 and less – Cheap eats
$$ = $25 and less – Moderately priced
$$$ = $50 and less – Higher priced
$$$$ = $75 and less – Fine dining
$$$$$ = more than $75 – Expensive


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