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As I’ve continued to post my wine blogs, I’m finding that I need to have some kind of simple rating system so that people can have a better understanding.  I think it is hard for someone to just say “It’s great, go and buy it”, without some kind of rating system in place.

I envisioned a very easy system.  The system should be easy to understand and you shouldn’t need comprehensive notes to follow the rating.  I reviewed other people’s rating systems before I came up with my own.

I have decided on a five glass rating system…

I have created a link for you to download.  My system is non technical click here.

Five glasses:  The wine is excellent and is very complex and profound.  You should have a Wow, this is an amazing” moment.  When you drink the wine the initial taste brings you to a past place or time.  When the bottle is empty it will leave you wanting more.

Four glasses:  The wine is outstanding and has exceptional complexity and character.  You should hum drinking the wine.

Three glasses:  The wine displays varying degrees of flavor and finesse.  The wine will have some character.  The wine is slightly above average and still considered yummy.

Two glasses:  An average wine.  There will be very little distinction.  The smell and taste will not be considered anything special.  It’s just OK.

One glass:  A poor quality wine.  The wine is lacking structure, flavor, fruit or aromas.  A wine drinker with an average palate will not enjoy the wine.  I call this a yucky wine and I would not buy it again.

Zero glass:  A wine deemed to be unacceptable.  Return the bottle to the local merchant.

You should be aware that I will also consider the price of the wine while factoring in the rating system.  If the price of the bottle is low and the wine is great, they should receive a higher rating.  I am pretty confident that most of us wish to invest as little as possible while we enjoy great wine.  I must also mention that if the price is high, while the wine is poor  why would they get an excellent rating?  I recognize that rating system of mine may deviate from above but I will keep the basic rules in mind regardless.

I would like you to understand that if I do rate a wine as a full “five glasses” my thoughts will be that they are the best grower or producer who may also have received high ratings from a Parker or Tanzer while having reasonable value.  All of this considered, I do have to share that just because some of the wines that have been rated by the pro’s as 95+ or even 100 it is my opinion that often it as been a disservice to us as consumers.  It’s pretty typical that if a particular winery has received a very high rating, they often choose to double or triple the price of their bottle.

The other reason that I may rate a wine maker, or producer a full five glass rating is because I have come to know them, like them and/or prefer the wine or style produced.  I am honest enough to admit that I might be a little biased.  😉  I assure you though, the wine still has to meet my “Excellent” standards.

I also have to admit that I generally do not follow either Parker or Tanzer ratings.  I strongly recommend that you follow your own set of rules.  If you don’t, just go along with mine if you want.



Life is too short to drink crappy wine.  Expand your palate and keep trying.

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