Mustard Season

One of the things Chris and I like to do when we are in the valley is just drive around.  We love to look at the vineyards and watch how they change over the seasons.  This time of year the vines are being pruned.

It is also Mustard season.  Mustard plants are used as a cover crop in vineyards to reduce erosion, add nitrogen and improve soil health and water penetration.  Cover crops helps to increases organic matter, reduces compaction, reduces excessively vigorous vines, dust and mite problems, & provides a habitat for beneficial’s. By providing firm footing during wet weather, the plants allow for winter/early spring access in the vineyard.

After our visit at Phelps we decided to drive around.  While we on a road between Highway 29 and Silverado Trail we came across a vineyard just full of Mustard.  I hope you enjoy these images as much as we do.

Chris was the one to take these amazing pictures.  Some day I plan to add numerous pictures in an upcoming photo library.

Not all vineyards use Mustard, and some do nothing at all to the soil as I show here.




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