2011 Croze Rose’


We spent most of our Sunday preparing for a business trip, which also included a fun weekend in Sonoma!  I was going to have some long days that would include customer meetings at our head quarters on the upcoming Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday was scheduled as a catch up day with afternoon travels planned on Friday to our favorite place.

It had been a warm day while we were packing and I was not feeling like drinking a heavy red with dinner.  I wasn’t feeling a Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay either, so since it is that time of year I chose a bottle of Rose’ from Croze.


During a trip to Napa in 2012 Gary introduced us to his Rose’, which he had only produced 55 cases of.  The Cabernet grapes are CERTIFIED ORGANICALLY GROWN, sourced from a small vineyard on Bella Oaks Lane, Rutherford District, Napa Valley.

Here are my tasting notes .

The Rose was pale with a bright salmon hue.  Chris thought it was “pretty”!


As I smelled the Rose the aroma was moderate and fruity and I could smell light red fruit, strawberry, and even perhaps a Rose note.

This wine was slightly dry, but not sweet.  The acidity was nice and my mouth salivated with each sip.  The tannins were weak and soft and it was very flavorful.  I could taste strawberry, raspberry, and bright red fruit while the finish was long.

abv: 12.5%

How much:  If my memory serves me, we paid $15.00.   I would consider the Rose a good buy.

This Rose would be great drinking outside on a hot summer day on the lake or in our boat.

Unfortunately Gary only made 55 cases and they are sold out.


In Vino Veritas!

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