2011 A to Z Pinot Noir


A few weeks back Chris and I were helping Alexandra House buy numerous bottles of wine for the Hope Gala fundraiser.  As were were shopping at the Maple Grove Costco we came across a bottle of 2011 A to Z Oregon Pinot Noir.  In a few weeks Nectar was going to host a wine dinner with Sam Tannahill, Director of Viticulture & Winemaking at Rex Hill and A to Z Wineworks.  Since we had not tried an A to Z wine we decided to purchase a few bottles for Alexandra House and bought a bottle for ourselves.

A few weeks later we attended the dinner and loved the wine (of course Kevin did an excellent job pairing his cuisine with the wines.)  To read more about the wine dinner click this link A to Z Wine dinner.

IMG_0898Since the wine dinner I was anticipating drinking the Oregon Pinot Noir that we had purchased.  Chris was making a chicken dinner so I thought it would pair great.  If you have read my wine commandments you will recall rule number five:
Five:  There are no set rules for pairing food and wine.  Drink a bottle of your favorite wine with your meal.  You will be happy you did!


Once Chris had most of the meal ready I decided to open the bottle.  It was a screw top so I didn’t even need my cork screw!  This keeps the cost down per bottle.

Here are my tasting notes.

Medium color depth with a ruby hue.


The Pinot Noir was aromatic and young.  I could smell Raspberry, Vanilla, and Red Cherry.

Not dry at all.  The Pinot was medium bodied and flavorful and it was slightly tart.  I did not notice any tannins and the wine was soft.  I noted Red Cherry and Spice.  The finish was long and to me, it was more old world than a California Pinot Noir.  We both liked it!

abv: 13%

Price at Costco $14.99.

I rated the 2011 A to Z Pinot Noir three glasses.  For the price you cannot go wrong and I recommend you buy this one if you see it at your local Costco!

In Vino Veritas!

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