2009 Beaulieu Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon on Shell’s Birthday

April 4th my daughter Michelle (Shell) turned 20 years old.  I still remember the Saturday she was born.  I was raking the yard on an amazing sunny day.  I was really tired and half asleep on the couch.  Chris was in the basement and all of a sudden she said “its time“.  I did not believe her.  One hour later, Michelle was born at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids.

Ok, “wipe and flick” moment….

Chris and I asked Michelle yesterday where she wanted to go.  After some thought she wanted to go to Granite City in Maple Grove.  She loves the beer cheese soup.

After my afternoon meetings we headed south with Shell, Jake, Jenna (Michelle’s lifetime best friend), and Chris.  We arrived during happy hour.  The wines tonight were half priced.  I figured why not and “wandered ” down the wine list.  The only thing that caught my eye was a 2009 Beaulieu Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon.  A few years ago Chris and I ended up at their tasting room with Joe and Lisa in Rutherford.

The price at the restaurant was $42 per bottle.  In a liquor store it should be around $20 or less.  That’s cheaper than a couple drinks.

Ok, I know this place is “not” a wine bar.  However, they are a “beer” micro brew.   But I do feel they should know how to serve beer.  The glasses were full of water spots!  I am sure a “Beer” guy would say what the hell….  Please people clean the glass!

After the guy poured the first glass I had to take a look at it.

The wine had a very nice plum color.  The Meniscus was not clear.  Of course not, its a 2009.  Tasting the wine, the tannin’s were soft and the wine had a very nice medium finish.  I was amazed the wine was pretty balanced.  Randy here is a wine you and Alyssa should try.  And. its in your price range.  😉

Chris said “two plus glasses” and I would give this wine “two glasses”.  I forgot to ask Jake what he thought.

Jenna, Michelle, Jake