2006 Pine Ridge Onyx

The 2006 Pine Ridge Onyx is another Bordeaux style wine.  What I find interesting is the blending style.  The Onyx is predominately Malbec and Merlot with a small percentage of Tannat and Cabernet Franc.

Reading the wine makers notes the blend is modeled after the Cahors wine region.  Cahors is a small town in the southwest part of French wine country.  The predominant varietal in the Cahors region is Malbec.

When I pulled the cork on the bottle you can tell it was cellaring well.   I can tell this wine could sit in the cellar for a few more years.

As I poured wine into the glass I noticed a dark Maroon color to the wine.  The Meniscus was very bright (not clear at all).

It was finally time to smell and taste the wine.  As I smell the wine I smelled Black Cherry and Black Berry with a hint of Vanilla.  The Vanilla nose must be coming from the toasting of the French Oak barrels.  Tasting the wine I could feel the tannins on the middle part of the back of my tongue.  The finish was long but nice.  It is interesting how well the Malbec and Merlot blend.

Both Chris and I rated this a three glass wine.