Valentines Day with Shafer Merlot

Happy Valentines Day!

Chris and I decided to stay home tonight and have dinner.  We will go out for dinner another night this week.  Chris is planning the menu and will be making my favorite salad, twice bakes potato along with Steak and Shrimp on the barbeque.  If you love to cook you might want to check out Chris and Jennifer’s blog:

Since Chris is managing dinner, I decided to pick a wine that would go great with the food.  I wanted something really yummy so I picked a 2008 Shafer Merlot.

The 2008 Shafer Merlot has a really good nose to it.  As I smell it, I get hints of dark berries and cherry.  The wine goes really well with “Skyhill Farms, Plain Chevre, Napa Valley – Goat’s Milk Cheese”.  We bought the cheese last weekend in Napa and brought it home.  The cheese softens the boldness of the Merlot.  The Merlot has a nice finish with our without the Goat cheese.  I think the Merlot tastes more like a Cabernet Sauvignon.  If you really want to enhance the wine I would recommend using a decanter.

If you get a chance to buy it in a liquor store or in a restaurant I would recommend it.  You can also join the Shafer Napa Valley mailing list.  You have to buy some wine annually to remain on the list.

After the dinner we had desert from Truffles and Tortes in Anoka.  We enjoyed the wine, dinner, and dessert.  Now plan on spending time with each other. 😉

BTW the dessert was amazing!






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