Joseph Phelps 2006 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

Last week was an extremely busy week.  I had work associates in town for a few days working in my customers lab with me.  We entertained them one night and had a very nice dinner.  I was happy to have the week end on a bright note (having gotten everything accomplished).

Chris has been fighting a cold and wasn’t feeling like making dinner,  so we decided to visit a fairly new restaurant at our local golf course.

Before heading out, I felt like just chilling having a glass of wine and a light snack.

I ventured down to my cellar and chose a 2006 Joseph Phelps Cabernet Sauvignon.  The Napa Cab is one of my favorite go to wines.  I paired it with some 28 month old aged Gouda from Boars Head and Cheddar Mini Rice Crisps.  Yes my friends you heard me correctly.  I love rice crisps snacks!

I grabbed two glasses and a cork screw.  I pulled the cork (what a happy sound) and poured some in my glass.


Right away I noticed the “Inky” purple look of the wine.  Smelling the wine I noticed Black Berry and ripe fruit.  I could not wait to give it a try!  As I had my first sip the tannins were very soft.  The light tannins were felt through my mid palate and the back of my tongue.  The finish was very soft and long.  This wine is very balanced and very drinkable.  I could hear Chris humming…

It was time to enjoy some rice crisps with my wine.  As I ate the crisps and drank the wine they paired very well!  The cheddar cheese crisps and Cabernet complimented themselves.  I’m sure I have friends out there saying “really”?  Trust me they do work well together.

After the glass was empty it was time to head out.  My tummy was hungry!