Chris’ fish tacos and 2009 Purety from pureCru winery

I’ve been craving fish tacos for many weeks.  Finally after many hints, Chris made them for me on Sunday.  Our daughter Michelle and her boyfriend Jake also joined us as we try to have our kids over a couple Sundays a month for dinner.

Chris planned on spending a couple hours preparing dinner, so I decided to wonder down to my cellar and see what I thought would pair well with the fish tacos.

I came across a bottle of 2009 Purety from pureCru winery.

If you are not familiar with pureCru let me tell you a little bit about them.  pureCru is a winery producing small quantities of unique blends.  Mitch Cosentino (Chris’ favorite) is the wine maker who started pureCru with a few other gentlemen.  Chris and I were turned on to pureCru in the winter of 2011.  They do have a wine club that has a limited number of members so we became members as soon as the option was in front of us.  I suggest that you give pureCru a try.  If the club is still open, you will not be disappointed.  Both the club and the wines are very affordable.  We are attending a wine cruise where Mitch and a few other wine makers will be hosting.  We look forward to the trip and the many blogs I hope to publish.

Chris and Mitch at pureCru May 2011.

The 2009 Purety is a Napa valley blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon.  It drinks well now and with proper cellaring, it will age well into the next decade.

As I pulled the cork and poured it into the glass, I noticed a gold color hue to the wine.  The wine was barrel aged in oak for some period of time.

As I smelled the wine there were hints of citrus fruit like apples and pears.  Now it was time to taste the wine.  As I sipped the wine it was a little acidic (not very much though)  and it lightly attacked the back of my tongue.  There was a very slight buttery finish.  You could tell Mitch worked on this one as there was no “Oaky” nose or taste.  I am not a huge fan of white wines but this one is worth hunting for!  We have bought many and as we keep drinking them, enjoy them very much.

As I suspected the wine pared very well with Chris’ fish tacos. They were made with lightly seasoned Tilapia, served on whole wheat FlatOut’s, garnished with lettuce, tomatoes and a light lemon – cilantro dressing.  Along side was a wonderful Thai, Peanut, cabbage dish.

The meal paired nicely with the wine!  Hanging out with Michelle and Jake was fun too.  It’s always interesting to see if the kids will enjoy the food (and wine!)  as much as I do!  We’re looking forward to the next time!



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