Georges Cellar – Corfu Greece

During another memorable day of our Mediterranean cruise, we arrived in the port of Corfu Greece early.  This day we did not have to tender a boat to shore so this allowed us more time in Corfu.

Chris and I met up with Mitch on the fourth level where we disembarked and were on our way.  Every time we exited and entered the ship we had to provide our identification badge so that the cruise line knew where we were.  As we exited the ship area we were greeted by many taxi drivers.  A few offered their service but we had plans to take the local bus to the old part of Corfu.  Just as we were about ready to enter a bus another driver approached us.

At first, we were not interested in his solicitations, however, this gentleman impressed us as he kept talking about what he had to offer at a very competitive rate ($120 EU – $156 US) for four hours with a guide and we decided it was a great idea.  Besides it was hot and humid, and enjoying the comforts of an air-conditioned car sounded good after many days of walking in hot humid climates!

We started our journey with a quick stop at an ATM.  Like most people we encountered our driver wanted to be paid in cash and did not accept credit cards.  After the quick stop, we were on the highway heading to the north-western part of Corfu.  As we approached the western region there were many incredible views.  Our driver was kind and stopped a number of times for us.

The water was unbelievably clear

After a brief visit to a monastery, our driver asked if we wanted to stop for a light snack including bread and fresh olive oil and perhaps a sample of wine at a friend’s place.  We figured “why not?!”  Upon arrival at George Cellars, we were greeted by George and his wife who neither could speak very clear English.  In spite of that, they made sure they were able to accommodate English speaking people.  We were offered fresh bread with drizzled olive oil and some fresh olives.  Chris and Mitch loved the fresh olives!  George asked if we wanted to sample a dry or sweet red, or a white.  Chris wanted to sample the sweet while Mitch and I asked for the dry red.  To our surprise, it was pretty good.

Bill and Mitch with George and his wife.

George and his wines.

You could tell George was proud of his wine!  I find it interesting he had no labels and the fact that he didn’t use cork.  He used a champagne bottle top with a wire to hold the top in place.  After a couple more samples I inquired about the price of a bottle, $3.5 EU ($4.55 US).  I had to buy a couple of bottles to bring home to rate and share with my friends.  We decided to do a bit of browsing and shopping and before we knew it we had a few items to purchase and as did Mitch.

We were half way through our time so the driver headed back to Corfu via a different route.  We enjoyed more sites and noticed that Corfu was a very clean island.  Chris and I would definitely go back and spend more time.

… Home and a few weeks later on a Friday I decided to grab a bottle to share with Dave, Heather, Steve, and Chris.  This wine like most Italian wines is best served with food.

 Georges bottle and postcard.

 The champagne-like bottle top with a wire tie.

We all were anxious to try the wine so I removed the wire tie and pulled the plastic cork from the bottle.  I poured us all a small amount of Georges wine and began to rate it.

The color depth was medium and the color was Ruby.  There was no sediment in the glass nor the bottle.

The aroma was moderate and fruity.  We could smell smoke, Bing Cherry, and Red Liquorice.

Georges Red was slightly sweet at first, then the tannins started taking over.  The tannins were medium and the acidity was good.  To my surprise, it was not tart.  My mouth did salivate as I drank Georges Red.  The wine was medium bodied and the finish medium.  We could taste smoke, cherry and maybe unripened Plum.

I compared the taste of Georges Red similar to the starting taste of a Port wine, which is sweet to the tongue and has a dry finish.

The wine was interesting overall, but no one loved it.  We could see us drinking it before a California Red because the California wines would win us over.  At this point, we rated Georges Red two glasses.

I put the cork back in and decided to share the remainder with our friends at an event the next night.

Our Saturday night gathering came and our group of friends had already drunk some California reds before we sat down to eat.  The main course was Pork Baby Back ribs on the smoker.  A couple of us enjoyed some of Georges Red with the smoked Pork Ribs.  The red wine actually tasted far better the next day along with the smoked baby back ribs.

After trying Georges Red with the ribs, I decided to rate the wine three glasses.  For a red table wine that costs less than $5, we did not go wrong!

In Vino Veritas
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