2005 Christophers Cabernet Sauvignon

We had decided prior to going on our Italy vacation that we would bring our wine check along, so that we would be able to purchase and bring home some of what I hoped would be excellent Italian wines.  We had planned to bring a few bottles of wine onto the ship so that we had something to enjoy in our stateroom or take along to dinner and pay a discounted corking fee.  Since this was a very special trip we decided to bring along some excellent wines.

One of the bottles was the 2005 Stonestreet Christophers Cabernet Sauvignon.

On our final night on the cruise ship Chris and I decided to skip our reservations at one of the specialty restaurants and have dinner at the Water Terrace on the cruise ship, which had become one of our favorite places to dine.  With a full day in Venice, we were tired and since we knew that we would have to get up at 3:30am to get ready for our trip home we wanted something light to eat.  We had saved the Christopher for one of the nights and this was it.

Mitch joined us for dinner, so we decided to head down and get settled at a table.  While we waited for Mitch to arrive, the Sommelier pulled the cork and poured us a glass.  Soon after Mitch arrived and we toasted to he 2005 Christophers Cabernet Sauvignon.  We made some food selections and the wine paired excellent with a cheese plate that I had as a starter.  I decided to try a couple of cheeses that I had not had before.

The first cheese I chose was the Artequeso Semicurado and the second Buenalba al Vino.  The Artequeso paired excellent with the Christophers Cabernet and it reminded me of a Manchego cheese.  Once home and a quick google search later, I learned that the Artequeso Semicurado is a Spanish version of Manchego.  The second was excellent as well.  The Buenalba al Vino is a must have cheese, I plan to have some for our wine tasting event we are hosting in December!

So back to the 2005 Christophers Cabernet Sauvignon and my tasting notes.

The Christophers Cabernet did not show any sediment and was very clear and the color was Purple with a distinctively light purple to clear meniscus.

Each of us noted spice and plumb on the nose.

It was excellent!  There was a very definitive Cocoa and Dark Chocolate taste.  The Cabernet was full bodied with a nice medium finish.  The tannins were soft and my mouth salivated as I drank more.

I rated the 2005 Christophers Cabernet Sauvignon Four glasses!  We finished our meal and ventured back to our state room.  We packed and the trip was overall excellent!  We hope be back in the area (Tuscany that is)  after our Bordeaux trip in about a year or so.

In Vino Veritas
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