Beringer 1999 State Lane Vineyard Cab

Last night Chris and I attended the Alexandra House Hope Gala with our friends John and Jen.

Alexandra House provides domestic violence and sexual violence services in Anoka County.  Their free service includes 24-hour emergency shelter, support services and advocacy to victims of domestic ans sexual violence.  They are located in the cities of Blaine and Anoka, but serve victims of domestic ans sexual violence across the state of Minnesota.

Chris was part of the fund raising committee who organized the event.  We have only been involved for a short time, but have embraced Alexendra House.

Pictured above (Bill on the left, Chris, John and Jen)

Ok, so back to the wine….

I decided we should have a glass of wine and an appetizer before we headed out to the gala.  We were all decked out and ready to have some fun.  Our daughter Michelle was our driver so we did not have to worry.

I wanted to pull out something special.  Its been a couple months since we have been with John and Jen.  As I was wondering through my cellar, I came across a nice gem.  It was a 1999 Beringer State Lane Vineyard Cabernet.  This was an excellent start for a fun evening.

The State Lane Vineyard was once one of the vineyards winemaker Ed Sbragia picked for the Beringer Private Reserve.  The Private Reserve is Beringer’s flagship wine.  If you have never had it and love Cabernet’s, this is a must try wine.

Its time to smell and taste the wine.

When I pulled the cork I could see there was still a lot of life.  It looks like I have done a great job cellaring the wine and Beringer as well long before I bought this gem.

I asked Chris, Jen, and John what they smelled and tasted.  We compared our notes and here is what we came up with.

Examining the wine you could see the color was plum.  You could see the edge of the wine was becoming clear.  This is what occurs as wine ages.  You can see the outer edge of the wine becomes translucent and clear.

Smelling the wine there were hints of plum, black cherry and it was a bit “earthy”.  Chris and Jen thought there was a hint of spice.

As we tasted the wine there was a lot of humming.  The tannins were very soft and we could detect black cherry.  It was very fruity.  The wine did not attack your taste buds and had a very nice finish.

I think this wine would have cellared for many more years.  We were sad the bottle was empty but it was time to leave for the gala.




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