2012 Fogdog Grenache Rose’


It was the day before summer, and this day all the way through next week it was going to be hot and humid.  It felt like summer was here a day early and it does feel good!  It would be nice to have a few days of sun without humidity so that we could enjoy our backyard.  The only down side of the heat along with so much rain – is mosquitoes.  They were driving me nuts while working on a few yard projects tonight and they were swarming me as I was filling the bird feeders with seed.

To celebrate summer and the warm weather I decided to enjoy a Rose’ wine for dinner.  We’ve recently had Pierre’s and Gary’s Rose’ so I wanted to try something different.  I recalled that I had placed a bottle of Fogdog Rose’ in the cooler a few days earlier and this is what I decided on.


Chris was preparing blackened Catfish with a sweet and spicy potato pure and fresh sauteed veggies.  The Fogdog paired well with dinner!


Here are my tasting notes.

Very clear and pale with a brilliant salmon hue.


After I swirled my glass a little bit the Rose was very aromatic and fruity.  I noted strawberry and I was “feeling” “Rose” too.

the initial taste of the Rose’ was sweet and it was light bodied.  This Fogdog’s acidity was great and my mouth watered with every sip.  I felt no tannins at all and the finish was long.  The Rose’ was very flavorful and while I tasted light fruit I had memories of when I was a kid drinking strawberry soda!

We truly enjoyed this wine.  While Chris was preparing dinner she mentioned that I had been drinking a lot of Rose’s and was concerned we might run out.  I teased that I suspected we could get more if we wanted and I wasn’t going to worry about that.  I could see myself floating in our boat on a hot summer day just sipping on this Rose’!

As I guessed the Fogdog Grenache Rose’ held up with the slightly spicy meal!

abv: 13.5%

How much: $25, it is slightly high but well worth it.


In Vino Veritas!

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