2012 Bristle Wines Rose’


The Bristle wines name comes from a story about a dog (Bristle) who was found in a trash bin when it was only a few weeks old.   It was nursed back to health by Loma Hughes.  The pint-sized wire-harrier terrier type mutt has become her constant companion and fiercely loyal watch dog.   A very cute story…  Even today Bristle wines supports the Animal Welfare Society of Stellenbosch.

photo 5

Pale color depth and a salmon hue.

photo 1

The aromas were moderate to weak.  The development was fruity-young and it was hard to determine any prominent aromas; perhaps it was a bit floral and I could pick up light red fruit.

This Rose was not sweet.  It was light-bodied and a little tart with a flavor intensity that was medium with a short finish.  Tasting the Rose’ I had some mid-palate flavors, non that I could distinguish.

abv: 12.0%

Appellation/Region: Stellenbosch South Africa.

How much: $14.00 on-line.

I rated the 2012 Bristle Wines Rose’  two glasses.  Not every Rose is a hit and I think this one would pair better with a light fruit salad in my opinion.  For the price its good, but I recommend serving it cold.  I shared another bottle on a beautiful summer day on the patio.  I think the second time around I enjoyed it more.  Maybe it was the people I was with too.

Life is too short to drink crappy wine!

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