2007 Beringer Private Reserve


Chris recently read the book called “Wheat Belly”.  Within the book, the author and Dr. describes how wheat in the United States has been genetically altered and how people react to wheat.  If you look at pictures from the better part of the 1900’s you do not see over weight people.  As a kid, I do not recall many over weight kids in elementary school or kids on the medications that there are now.  I think processed food is killing us.  We need to go back to the basics and stop eating processed food.  After reading the book we’ve decided to try to eliminate wheat in our diets.  After one month we have both dropped six pounds and I feel good.  I have to be honest I am not dieting, just eliminating my wheat intake.  You can think of it like a gluten free diet.

I do love bread and pasta so that piece has been a bit challenging.  Chris has done a great job finding alternatives for wheat.  We have found alternate pasta’s and a friend turned us on to Italian Wheat flour that has not been genetically altered.  She has Celiac disease and she can eat it without reaction.  We have yet eaten much of the wheat and I see a homemade pasta in my future.  Another thing I have been missing is Pizza, but Chris found an alternative to the pizza crust using a gluten free crust containing other grains.  We decided to make two home-made pizzas and of course there is nothing better than pizza and wine.  I knew what wine I was going to pair with the pizza!

Deep color depth and a purple garnet hue.

photo 1

The Private Reserve was aromatic and I could smell dark fruit, cassis, spice, oak, plum, raisins.

This wine was not dry and it was full-bodied, with balanced acidity.  The tannins were medium and slightly astringent.  Tasting the wine I had rich velvet mid-palate flavors with a long finish.  This Private Reserve was very flavorful for such a young wine as I thought its development was older.

abv: 14.6%

How much: $115.00

Region/Appellation:  Napa Valley

The 2007 Private Reserved paired perfectly with the home-made gluten free pizzas.

pizza Life is too short to drink crappy wine!

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