2011 Kunde 4SB20 Sauvignon Blanc


Hump day!  For some reason this week seems to be just dragging on.  I’m not wishing away time, don’t get me wrong because I am NOT looking forward to another Minnesota winter which is right around the corner.  There will be a day when our winters will be spent in a warmer climate such as Sonoma or Napa.  I’m sure the northern Californians think that their winter tough, but give Minnesota a try for winter and you will soon agree with me.  Chris and I were  planning to make spring rolls for dinner, so a heavy red was out of the question.  This night I was looking for something light and crisp to enjoy with our dinner.  I keep a small wine cooler in our kitchen pantry so the options were limited unless I wondered down to the cellar.  There were a couple Chardonnays, Rose’ and Sauvignon Blanc From Kunde.  Since I wanted a light and crisp wine the Kunde 4SB20 Sauvignon Blanc was the right choice!


The Sauvignon was pale with an amber hue.


The aromas were moderate.  I had to swirl my glass a bit and then it opened up slightly and it smelled fruity.  We noted pears, lemon, and Chris thought a hint of anise.

The 4SB20 was not dry, nor was it to sweet.  It was medium-bodied and slightly tart (but not bad).  This Sauvignon Blanc was very flavorful.  As I sipped the wine initially the finish was felt in my mid palate and as it evolved, the finish was felt on the sides of my tongue.  We could taste lemon and it was buttery with a crisp long finish.

abv: 14.2$

How much: $22.00

We rated the Kunde 4SB20 Sauvignon Blanc three glasses.  I have to say the 4SB20 paired perfectly with dinner.


In Vino Veritas!

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