2008 PlumpJack Syrah


I was inspired to drink a Syrah after I posted an article on what wines you like to drink with your barbecue on my BillsWineWandering Facebook page.   I reached out to everyone asking what they prefer with their barbecue as I generally like a Zinfandel.   Shortly after I posted, Richard said “Syrah” which is probably Chris’ favorite varietal.  We have been enjoying a lot of Cab and Merlot lately, so I thought why not.  Chris was planning on grilling for dinner and the weather was cooperating.  She invited me to a date night for dinner on our deck.

She often likes to sip on a glass of wine as she cooks and this day was no different.  I wandered down to the cellar to see what we would enjoy.  I have a particular spot in my cellar just for Syrahs’ so after a quick look, it was an easy decision.  We had options from Unti, Shafer, and a few others.  After further pondering (I generally sit in the cellar and think about the wine and how it will work with the food) I decided on the 2008 Plump Jack Syrah.


The Syrah had a deep color depth with a nice garnet hue.  My first pour did not show and sediment; though the second glass did have some.


Right after pouring the Syrah it was very aromatic and smelled young and fruity.  I noted sweet red cherry, spice and vanilla.  It had a slight alcohol nose and I noticed the percentage was high.

This Syrah was slightly dry but that went away quickly..  The Syrah was full-bodied and the acidity was very nice.  The tannins were medium but soft.   Some of the flavors I could identify were ripe dark fruit, a hint of cocoa and dark chocolate.  It was very jammy and velvety initially with a soft long finish and was quite nice!

IMG_1063Notice the sediment in the neck of the bottle.

abv: 15.6%

How much: $46.00

I rated the 2008 Plump Jack Syrah four glasses.  I know Chris enjoyed the Syrah very much.  She usually has another glass with dinner and then we cork the bottle for the next day.  This time she decided to sip on the Syrah through the night till it was gone.

syrahbarbequeDate night on the deck was great.  Excellent salad by Chris!

In Vino Veritas!

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