2010 Pillow Rd Vineyard


We initially discovered the Pillow Rd Vineyard Pinot Noir during a wine dinner at Nectar last year.  Ladara was the featured winery that night and we were able to meet “Ladera Dan” Stotesbery.

The Pillow Rd Vineyard is a recent acquisition for the Stotebery’s.  After ten years producing wines at Ladera they decided to branch out and try a Pinot Noir.  They came across a small  Pinot Noir vineyard lined with old Gravenstein apple orchards on the southern edge of the Russian River Valley, they instantly knew the location would perfectly complement their time-honored family farming traditions.


Moving forward a year and during our week in Napa, Chris reached out to Dan and scheduled a tasting at Ladera.  Dan greeted us in the front tasting area.  After a brief introduction and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc he give us a tour of the winery.  After the winery tour we returned to the tasting area to try a sample of the 2010 Pillow Rd Pinot Noir.  The Pinot held well against the Cabernet Sauvignons we tried.  I liked it so much we bought a couple bottles to take home.

IMG_0992I like the bottle design.  The label looks old and rustic.

Over the past memorial weekend I decided to pull the cork.  Here are my tasting notes.

Medium color depth with a ruby garnet hue.


The Pinot Noir was very aromatic.  As I smelled it I noted earthy tones, red ripe cherry and raspberry with a nice spice nose.

It was a full-bodied Pinot.  Slightly tart but tasty, very balanced.  The tannins were light and soft.  The Pinot was very flavorful.  I tasted cherry, light caramel.  The Pinot was elegant and had a very nice silky soft medium to long finish.

The Pillow Rd Pinot could age very well.  Sadly, it will not last that long because it was pretty darn good!

abv: 13.9%

How much: $50 retail with a slight discount if you are a member at Ladera.

We rated the 2010 Pillow Rd. Vineyard three glasses.


In Vino Veritas!

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