2010 Gamble Family Vineyards Old Vine Petite Sirah


The final night of “The Bachelorette” season brought many of Chris’ friends over to watch the ending of the show and find out who was to receive Andi’s love!  Apparently, Marcus ended up striking out, but will assure more gatherings because he’ll be back looking for love on another “smut” show (and excuse for the girls to get together on a Monday night to eat, drink and cluck” for the Bachelor In Paradise that is to premiere in Early August.  All of this to me simply means that I can count on many more types of food and beverages!  I enjoy spending these evenings in the bedroom by myself watching my own shows and grazing on their great food.  This night the entire kitchen counter was full with home-made pizza, various salads including potato, wild rice, and chicken. There was fresh fruit, chips, lots of veggies and humus.  (The fresh humus was one of my favorites.)   The ladies also bring their favorite beverages and they tend to share.  I brought up a bottle of 2010 Gamble Family Vineyards Old Vine Petite Sirah and few of them were interested.

photo 2

Deep color depth and a purple hue.

photo 4

Very aromatic, young-fruity, with lively acidity.  I noted cocoa, spice, black berry, black cherry.

The Petite Sirah was dry, full-bodied and the acidity was lively while the tannins were medium and soft.  Tasting it I felt rich mid-palate flavors with a long soft velvet finish.

abv: 14.4%

How much: $50.00

Region/appellation Napa Valley, St Helena.

Notes:  The vineyard previously tended to before prohibition using traditional practices.  Dry farmed.  Well drained soils.  Head trained and hand pruned.  45 years old vines.  Naturally low yields of approximately 1 ton per acre.  Aged 18 months in old barrels producing a full and flavorful wine.

I rated the 2010 Gamble Family Vineyards Old Vine Petite Sirah four glasses.  The wine was enjoyed throughout the night.  It evolved and was enjoyable with every sip.

Life is too short to drink crappy wine!

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