2010 Beau Vigne CULT


It was midway through the 2012 Holiday Season as I write this blog.  Our daughter Michelle (Shell) and Jake are over and she’s working on some items for WEBCO.  Nick our oldest stopped by and had his mom cut his hair.  He also decided to trim his beard and we were pleased as he looks like a well groomed man now!

Both Chris and I have thoroughly enjoyed our time off.  My employer conducts a shut down over Christmas and a few years back Chris does the same with her company so her staff can enjoy the well deserved time off.  My first day off was December 21st and I did not have to return to work until January 2nd.   I have to admit I’ve been eating a lot and starting Monday I plan on hitting my gym and incorporating a lot of fish and salads back into our diet.  We have a long weekend trip to Napa January 31st and I plan to shed a few pounds before we head to our second home!

Earlier in the week I received my Beau Vigne wine shipment following our event.  Today I decided to store the wines in my cellar and include them in my tracking software.  As I was adding the wines I decided to grab a bottle of the 2010 CULT Cabernet Sauvignon to enjoy for dinner!

When we hosted our wine dinner featuring Beau Vigne wines, Oscar shared Robert Parker’s tasting insight and how he loved the style of wine.  After Parker’s initial tasting and feedback Beau Vigne decided to blend the wine that highlights the style wine Parker enjoys.  Here is a quote from Robert Parker:  “This is one of my favorite unheralded producers in Napa Valley. The wines have off-the-charts richness, great balance, and the potential (at least in the case of the Juliet and the Reserve) to be aged for 20 or more years. There is a striking purity and intensity to these wines that merits serious attention. They all come from a small nine-acre vineyard in the Stags Leap appellation.”

IMG_0745I decided to pull the cork and decant the CULT early in the day so the wine would open up.  I knew it was going to be amazing.


It was “Wine thirty“, Chris and I wanted to have a beverage.  I grabbed my tasting notes and a glass.  Here are my notes:

A very nice deep Cabernet Sauvignon in the glass with a dark Garnet hue.


Very aromatic with developments of young fruit.  Some of the aromas I could smell were Vanilla, a little bit of Oak, Dark fruit like Blue Berry and Black Berry.

The Cult Cabernet Sauvignon was dry.  A full bodied wine with the acidity right on (my mouth watered with every sip!)  The tannins were medium and did not overwhelm my taste buds.  The Cult Cabernet Sauvignon was flavorful.  Some of the flavors I could taste were chocolate and vanilla.  The finish was long and flavorful.

Technical notes
85% Cabernet Sauvignon
6% Merlot
6% Cabernet Franc
3% Petit Verdot

ABV: 15.3%

Price per bottle $75

I rated the 2010 Beau Vigne CULT four glasses.  We have scheduled a tasting at Beau Vigne with “Beau” during that upcoming trip and  I look forward to drinking more CULT and the other Beau Vigne wines!

In Vino Veritas!

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