2009 Unti Zinfandel


We try to have dinner with the kids a couple of Sundays each month.  On this particular Sunday Chris decided to slow cook some ribs in the oven while we ran a bunch of errands.  The ribs looked pretty good and I was hoping that they were going to be spicy.  Since Nick and Bri are becoming fans of wine I decided I would pull the cork on a Zinfandel from Unti Vineyards.


Our first visit to Unti was last February with our friends Carly and Robert who live out in the valley.  Robert had been on a mission to find some new wineries in Sonoma and had done a great job of introducing us to some different places on this trip.  Our first stop that day was Unti Vineyards.

We sampled a few different wines and for the most part they all were pretty good.

After the tasting was complete, Chris purchased this 2009 Zinfandel and the 2010 Syrah.

Prior to dinner I opened the bottle and poured each of us a glass and just after the first sip, I knew it was going to be a little dry for Nick.  Once he sipped it, I could see he did not care for its dryness.  I noticed Bri enjoying hers, so after dinner Nick gave Bri his glass!  Between Chris and Bri they didn’t have any problem finishing the bottle.

The Zinfandel has a medium color depth with a nice garnet hue and there was no sediment in our glasses.

The aroma was moderate even while swirling my glass and it smelled young and fruity.  I noted plum, dark fruit, and it smelled slightly sweet.

The Zinfandel was dry, I expected that from looking at the blending notes.  It was medium bodied and the acidity was nice with medium tannins, but it was a bit astringent.  The flavor intensity was medium to flavorful.  I could taste dark fruit, cocoa and this wine had a soft finish.

Blending notes:
84% Zinfandel
10% Petite Sirah
6% Barbera

abv: 14.8% (I like a lower percentage Zinfandel).

How much:  At the winery we paid $27.00.


In Vino Veritas!

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