2008 Croze Sauvignon Blanc

We are becoming very fond to Gary’s wine.  Every time we make a trip to Napa, a wine tasting with Gary and Suzanne are a must.  I have to admit I was not a huge white fan.  As time moves on sampling Gary’s Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc I am starting to appreciate them.  We are also pairing the wines with fish and chicken.

Tonight Chris was making fish with oven roasted peppers, onions, green beans, tomato’s and garlic.  She made an amazing light white sauce and topped the fish with capers.  I immediately new I wanted a glass of Sauvignon Blac with diner.

We tried to wait and have our first glass of wine with diner.  As usual we could not wait so I pulled the cork and poured a glass.  I do need to figure out a way to take pictures showing the wine in the glass.  Maybe a large sheet of white paper?

Viewing the Sauvignon Blanc in the glass, the color is a very light gold to amber.  As I started to smell the glass I had to leave the kitchen.  The smells of garlic and roasted peppers were to much.  Smelling the wine I could smell Pears and Citrus.  Chris could smell a hint of lemon.  I actually enjoyed the smell of the Sauvignon Blanc and it was not over whelming.

Tasting the wine the tannin’s were very soft.  The tannin’s approached my mid palate and the finish was very nice and somewhat long.  The Sauvignon Blanc was light bodied and was not very acidic.  When we exhaled after a tasting the wine, we could taste lemon.  The finish was very nice.

By the way, the Sauvignon Blanc paired great with dinner.  We both rated this wine “Three glasses“.