2008 Continuum Red wine


I discovered Continuum some time ago while watching one of the ending video blogs from Gary Vanerchuck.  During the two-part video blog, Tim Mondavi (Son of Robert Mondavi) and Tim’s daughter Carissa joined Gary for a tasting and interview.  It was entertaining and once it ended I knew I had to try the wine.  I immediately joined the mailing list and waited for the opportunity to purchase some of the wine.  Sometime later in February, I received an email with my allocation and made my purchase.  I was pretty excited and could not wait to try the wine.

photo 2

The following, May I scheduled our first tasting with Chris and friends at the Continuum estate.  Since, we have been there a number of times and have enjoyed the 2008 through 2010 vintages.  Each time we have visited were able to tour the estate and observed its development over the years.  This past year they have been working overtime to finish the tasting room, cellar, and production buildings.  My understanding is the cellar cave will take another year or so to finish.

DSC05623Starting to form the cave in 2012

IMG_6157Stunning view outside the new tasting room

 IMG_6116Checking out the progress of the estate with friends and Kaitlin

DSC02126Our first visit checking out the estate with Lindsey

CaptureCarrisa Mondavi showing Dave and Bill young vines and talking about grafting

DSC05626Tim Mondavi and Marcia Mondavi Borger with Chris and Bill

Deep color depth and with a nice garnet hue.  There was no sediment in my glass or bottle.

photo 1

Prior to any swirling, the Continuum was very aromatic and it kept getting better as I swirled my glass.  This red wine was very young-fruity and I noticed many aromas.  I noted oak ,spice, vanilla, cherry pie, and sweet dark fruit.

The Continuum was slightly dry and full-bodied with nice acidity.  The tannin’s were medium and astringent, it was very flavorful.  As I tasted the wine it had rich complex flavors while the tannin’s were felt in my mid palate.  The finish was long and silky and when I exhaled I could smell dark chocolate and cocoa.  This wine is age worthy.

abv: 14.9%

How much:  You have to join the mail list and the price per bottle for a three pack is $450.00 ($150.oo per bottle).

Blend:   71% Cabernet Sauvignon, 17% Cabernet Franc, 7% Petite Verdot, 5% Merlot.

70% of the fruit came from the Pritchard Hill estate.

I rated the 2008 Continuum four glasses.  I look forward to the 2011 vintage and I cannot wait for the first release party with the finished estate.

In Vino Veritas!

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