2009 Bremer Family Winery Chardonnay


Sometimes you do not feel like drinking a red wine, even when its cold outside!  For me, I recently had one of those nights.  I did not want a light crisp Sauvignon Blanc or a sweet white wine; rather I was looking for a creamy style Chardonnay.  I recalled attending a tasting at Bremer Family winery last May and their Chardonnay was a creamy style that we all loved.  The creamy style had to do with extensive Sur Lees style aging.


So what is Sur Lees? Lees refers to deposits of dead yeast or residual yeast and other particles that precipitate, or are carried by the action of “fining” to the bottom of a barrel of wine after fermentation and aging.  However, yeast deposits from secondary fermentation of wine of both wine and beer are referred to as lees.

Normally the wine is transferred to another container (racking), leaving this sediment behind. Some wines (notably Chardonnay, Champagne and Muscadet) are sometimes aged for a time on the lees (a process known as sur lie), leading to a distinctive yeasty aroma and taste. The lees may be stirred (bâtonage in French) in order to promote uptake of the lees flavor.

Pale color depth with an amber hue.


Without swirling my glass the Chardonnay was very aromatic and young.  I could smell soft citrus notes, green apple, and butter.

It was slightly dry and a little sweet.  It was medium bodied and the acidity was good.  I identified soft creamy buttery notes and it had a slightly sweet  taste with great mouth feel.  The chardonnay was very flavorful  with a long finish.

abv:  14.5%

How much: $45.00 it is a more expensive, but a better tasting Chardonnay.  If you are going to drink one get a good one!

I rated the 2009 Bremer Family Vineyard Chardonnay four glasses.

I have 8 gallons of Chardonnay sitting in two carboy’s.  I’m on week three of six stirring the Lees writing this blog.  I look forward to trying it later this spring or summer.


In Vino Veritas!

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