Tenuta dell’Ornellaia Le Volte 2010


We had the opportunity to visit Ornellaia winery during our 2012 trip to Italy.  We spent a day in the Tuscan region of Italy viewing sites and taking a tour of Ornellaia.  After the tour, we had an excellent lunch at the estate and was able to try many of the Ornellaia wines.  Each wine was excellent.

After the tasting we stopped at Castello di Bolgheri and toured the castle and sites.  We were able to sample additional Tuscan wines and I was able to buy a few including a bottle of Tenuta dell’Ornellaia Le Volte 2010.  If you want to read more you can click here.

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Examining the Le Volte the wines color depth was medium.  The hue was purple leaning towards garnet.

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The Le Volte was aromatic and smelled young and fruity.  I could smell black pepper, cherry, dark fruit.  It also smelled sweet.

The red wine was dry and full-bodied.  The acidity was good.  I could feel the tannins and the red wine was astringent (dry mouth feel).  As I taste the Le Volte, initially my mouth was dry and throughout the finish dry.  The tannins were felt in my mid-palate and I slightly puckered and smacked my lips.  The wine was made to age and should be paired with a meal.

The blend is 50% Merlot, 30% Sangiovese, and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon.

ABV: 13.5%

How much:  $15.50 EU (about $21.50).

I rated the Tenuta dell’Ornellaia Le Volte 2010 three glasses.  For the price its a pretty good wine.  If you come across it I would buy it and hold it for a few years.

In Vino Veritas!

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