2013 Croze Suzanne K Viognier


We spent our Sunday with various home projects including trimming our dog Simba.  Every fall he starts shedding and if we do not brush him frequently, we will see hair balls on our hardwood floor.  Besides typical brushing, we must trim the hair off the bottom of his paws.  Doing this he looks freshly groomed and it helps avoid him dragging in a lot of water and dirt from outside.

For a few weeks I had been looking at a bottle of Viognier in my cellar.  Today was the day I was going to pull the cork and enjoy this wine.  I put the bottle in the fridge to cool down and once I knew what we were going to drink, it was time to figure out our meal.  A grilled chipotle pork chop, risotto, and a caprese salad would fit the ticket.

photo 4

The projects were done and it was time to prep dinner.  As usual Chris likes to have a glass of wine while she cooks; so it was time to pull the cork.

I made the mistake of chilling the wine a bit too much.  The initial serving temperature was around 50 degrees and I would have preferred the wines temp around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pale color depth, straw hue.

photo 2 photo 1

Moderate aromas of lemon, creamy, and floral notes.

The Viognier was dry, medium-bodied and slightly tart.  Rich mid-palate flavors with a long finish.

abv: 13.3%

How much: $28.00

Region/Appellation:  Phoenix Ranch, Napa.

I rated the 2013 Croze Suzanne K Viognier three glasses.  As the wine warmed up I enjoyed it more especially close to room temp while Chris preferred it cold.


Life is too short to drink crappy wine!

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