2012 Yates Family Vineyard Viognier


Chris recently came home from shopping at Whole Foods and I was pleased because she was able to find some Burrata, which we both love!  She prepared grilled boneless pork chops with sautéed snap peas, carrots, and onions with mushrooms with gravy.  She also grilled some sweet potatoes and onions to serve with the heirloom tomato and Burrata salad!  With the menu planned, it was my job to pair a white wine that would taste great with the food and the 2012 Yates Family Vineyard Viognier was a perfect match.

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The winemaker Michael Yates was nice and signed this bottle.  It will sit in my collection area with others. 

Pale color depth with an amber hue.

Aromatic aromas.  The development was young-fruity with pear, melon, green apple , banana aromas.

This Viognier was dry, medium-bodied with lively acidity and was very flavorful.  Tasting it, I noted soft silky-creamy mid-palate flavors in the back of my tongue.

ABV: 14.4%

How much: $38 per bottle.

Appellation/Region:  Mount Veeder, Napa.

The 2012 Viognier is a rich fulfilling white wine.  I rated it four glasses.

Life is too short to drink crappy wine!

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