2012 Chateau St Michelle Eroica Gold Riesling


There are times you have to go beyond your comfort zone and try new things.  For me, a Riesling is one of them.  I am not a fan of sweet wines but they do have their place with food.  Chateau St. Michelle was the first winery we every visited and was our first wine club many years ago.  Last December we left the frozen midwest and traveled to Seattle to visit some close friends who have been members of Chateau St. Michelle for years.  Since we were in town we wanted to visit a couple wineries including this one and we bought a couple of bottles of both Merlot and a Riesling.

One food that pairs very well with a sweet wine or desert wine is blue cheese or spicy food.  For lunch Chris and I had eaten chicken wings and had many left over.  I knew a sweeter wine would pair well with the left overs so that was the plan for dinner.

photo 1

The Riesling was very thin with a green hue.

photo 3

The aromas were moderate but fruity-young.  I noted sweet creamy notes, vanilla, pear, and lemon.

It was sweet, light bodied, the acidity was lively and flavorful.  I had a sweet soft mouth feel with a side palate crisp finish.

abv: 10%

How much: $30.00

Region/Appellation: Columbia Valley, WA.

A week later we had another glass of the Eroica with a pear salad with blue cheese that also paired well.

I rated the 2012 Chateau St Michelle Eroica Gold Riesling three glasses.

Life is too short to drink crappy wine!

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