2011 Gamble Family Vineyards Heart Block Sauvignon Blanc


The end of summer was nearing and I have to say our Minnesota summer was really good.  We had the fewest number of 90 degree days in twenty-one years and the humidity had been in check too.  The hottest day thus far in 2014 in the Twin Cities was 92 degrees on July 21 while statistically the hottest day of the year comes between July 11 and 15.  I think it is safe to say it had been a little cooler than normal.  When it comes to rain we were ahead of normal at around 11 up.  We were in a drought for many years.  However, after this year, they are saying that the drought is gone.  The lake we will be living on next year is higher than normal, which I like.  I can only hope the winter is above normal for temperature and normal for snowfall as we do need to snow to keep the lakes and rivers at normal levels in the spring and summer.

Now that summer is ending, most people like me tend to turn towards more red wines.  There will still be times I will reach for a white wine, but most of the whites we enjoy will come out for a meal or if a friend comes over who prefers a white wine over a red.

photo 4Sight
Pale color depth with an amber hue.

The aroma intensity was moderate, young-fruity development.  Aromas of lemon, slight buttery, citrus.

photo 2 photo 1

Dry, medium-bodied and tart.  Soft tart side-palate flavors and a medium length finish.

ABV: 13.1%

Region/appellation: Napa Valley.

How much: $45.00 (kind of high for a Sauvignon Blanc in my opinion).

I rated the 2011 Gamble Family Vineyards Heart Block Sauvignon Blanc three glasses.  The Sauvignon Blanc was slightly tart as I mentioned so would pair well with food.

Life is too short to drink crappy wine!

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