2011 Erath Oregon Pinot Noir


Our Son Nick is a big Pinot Noir fan.  His birthday was a couple of months ago and Chris and I bought him eight bottles of Pinot’s for his gift from the local Costco.  We bought Nick bottles from various wineries and regions in the US (California and Oregon).  Recently, the kids stopped by for pizza and he brought one of the bottles.  He chose to share the  2011 Erath Oregon Pinot Noir.


The Oregon Pinot color depth was pale with a ruby hue.


The Pinot was moderately aromatic but it did smell fruity with notes of caramel, raspberry, and cherry.

This wine was slightly dry and full-bodied with good acidity; not tart or flabby.  The tannin’s were week and soft while I tasted spices like pepper.  It was a little earthy with a medium finish.

abv: 13%

How much: $19.00 at Costco.

The Pinot paired will with our pizzas.

I rated the 2011 Erath Oregon Pinot Noir three glasses.


The 2011 Erath Oregon Pinot Noir uses a screw cap.

I think that screw caps are OK if you do not plan on cellaring your wine for a long time.


In Vino Veritas!

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