2011 Cosentino Stags Leap Rose

The week before Thanksgiving I received a message from Steve at Cosentino while I was looking at something on Facebook.

Steve: Just got a special wine from stags leap…it’s a Rhone style ROSE!! Cosentino just got in today.

Me: Is it good?

Steve: It’s delish! it’s dry with lots of red bright fruit!

Me: Can we get it?  How dry is it?

Steve: Classic dry…cigarzin dry

Me: Hmm, you know our tastes. Would we like it and how much? Good with Turkey?

Steve:  It’s $14.40..if I like it, you would like it…great alternate with Beaujolais Nouveau

Me:  Can we get six before thanksgiving?

Steve:  I can ship this out on Monday!!

Me:  Can we get it by Wednesday?

Steve:  I will 3 day select it for you tomorrow and will be there Wednesday

Me: Deal!  Thanks Steve!

Steve:  No problem! The bottle looks great too!

Well as my luck would have it the box did not make it Wednesday even though the shipment was setup that way.  Thanks carrier!  We ended up drinking a Viognier instead for our Thanksgiving dinner.

The box of wine arrived the following Monday.  Chris had done a bunch of Christmas shopping for WEBCO and our kids.  She got home around 5pm with the wine.  As I opened the box to look at the wine, I noticed it was pretty cool.  I grabbed my Vino Temp and it was 53°!  As luck would have it, it was after 5pm and I could not resist.  I grabbed a bottle along with two glasses and I didn’t need a cork screw since the bottle was a screw top.

By now Chris had started cooking dinner.  I poured us both a glass of the 2011 Cosentino Stags Leap Rose and I grabbed my tasting notes.

Color depth was pale with a Salmon like hue.  The Rose was very clear.

The Rose was very aromatic and fruity.  I could smell Rhubarb, Strawberry and Red Liquorice.

The Rose was slightly dry and medium bodied.  The acidity was nice making my mouth water.  The tannins were soft and it was very flavorful.  One major memory that came to me as I taste the Rose was Strawberry Soda!  The finish was long.

abv 13%

We rated the 2011 Cosentino Stags Leap Rose four glasses!  This is an excellent Rose.  I had to send Heather a text of this wine because she is a huge fan of Rose’s!

In Vino Veritas

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