2010 pureCru Pinot Noir


We had started packing for our second trip to the Valley in the same week.  This trip was going to include both”business” and pleasure.  Due to the ridiculous airfare, THANK YOU DELTA, flying on a Saturday saved my employer over $600.00.  I have to say these airlines sure take advantage of business travelers.

Chris was also able to take advantage of my Saturday travel and purchased the same trip for about $300.00.  The advantage was that we planned to stay at our friends house in Calistoga!

We were originally going to attend an RV show this night, bu I was still not felling 100% from my early weeks cold.  So Chris was gracious and decided to make her home made flat Out pizza’s.  Since I was sick most of the week I was craving a glass of wine.  When I mentioned that to Chris, her eyes lit up and she told me to hurry up, as she likes to cook while sipping on a glass of wine.

I ran down to the cellar with an idea of what I wanted.  A great glass of Pinot Noir works well with the flat bread pizza so I immediately grabbed a bottle of the 2010 pureCru Carneros Valley Pinot Noir.


As I shared the bottle Chris immediately smiled.  We were privileged to have just had a tasting at Mitch’s new adventure “The pureCru tasting bar” in downtown Napa.  During the recent tasting, Mitch shared the same 2010 Giovannis’ Vineyard Pinot Noir.  We all fell in love with the wine and it’s our son Nick’s favorite!  After that tasting Chris purchased six additional bottles to bring home.

I pulled the cork and took some notes.

Medium color depth with a nice ruby color.


The Pinot Noir was very aromatic and smelled young and fruity.  We noted sweet red cherries like in a cherry pie and some oak and spice.

Just like last weekend, it was yummy!  The wine was full bodied and flavorful.  The acidity was right on.  Our mouths salivate with every sip.  The tannins medium and soft.  Some of the flavors we tasted were bright red fruit and spice.  The finish long and smooth.

I rated the 2010 pureCru Pinot Noir four glasses!

We look forward to stopping by on Sunday to pick up some more wine.

In Vino Veritas!

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  • I love this 2010 pinot noir wine! The first time I got to know about this wine, I was working on a project and I was a bit stressed. I sipped this wine, and most of my stress went away. It was a great experience.

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