2010 Bell Canyon Cellars


Chris and I recently decided to stay at Dave and Heathers house so we could bottle the first batch of Port we started last fall.  After the bottling was complete, it was time to celebrate!  Earlier in the day Dave pulled the cork on a 2010 Bell Canyon Cellars Red wine.

I was wrapping up while cleaning the bottling equipment when I heard Dave and Chris talk about the Bell Canyon Cellars.  Dave bought a few bottles from “Wines Till Sold Out” (WTSO).  The price was pretty good  and the offer he bought was four bottles at 50% off.  The bottle is normally $27.99, he bought four for $13.99 each including free shipping.  As the two of them swirled and smelled the wine, they commented on the fruity, floral nose.  I hurried up and finished my cleaning, grabbed my tasting sheet and got involved with the discussion of the red wine.


Reviewing the bottle, I found the blend was quite interesting.  It was created using 72% Syrah, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 13% Grenache.

The Red Blend had a nice purple hue and was very clear.  The color depth was medium as we held our glasses up by a light.


Floral, dark fruit and slightly earthy.  The aroma was moderate and smell young.

The red wine was slightly dry and was medium to full-bodied.  The acidity was nice.  The tannins were moderate with a medium finish.  We could taste black fruit, slight spice and oak.  Chris swore she could taste Butterscotch and this wine was flavorful and very fruit forward.

abv: 13.9%

I think Dave got a great value in this wine from WTSO.  For the price you cannot go wrong.  I would recommend pulling the cork and decant it for an hour or so prior to enjoying it.

In Vino Veritas!

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