2010 Anderson’s Conn Valley Pinot Noir


Chris and I are planning a trip to Portugal and Bordeaux next summer.  Our trip starts in Portugal on a cruise.  The cruise stops at many ports and finishes the cruise in London England.  One of the ports we stop at is Bordeaux and that is where Chris and I will depart.  After we had booked our trip our travel agent sent us an email.  Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards was also going to join the cruise and host a small party.  She asked if we would like to join and we said yes!  Since we were not familiar with Anderson’s Conn Valley vineyards we decided to schedule a tour and tasting to make sure we enjoyed the wine.

Our tasting was the second week in September.  It was still pretty warm out so a cave tour was welcomed.  As we arrived at the estate I noticed a special visitor.  Antonio Galloni was in the estate house tasting the latest wines with the wine maker.  I would have loved to peak in and say hi.  I’m sure that would not have been a good idea.  The cave tour was fun, we tried many wines and after the tour was done we bought a couple of bottles of wine to take with.  Now trying the wine we look forward to meeting our hosts on the cruise and drinking more Anderson’s Conn Valley wines.

IMG_0031 Sight
The Pinot was medium with a ruby hue.  We did not see any sediment in our glass or bottle.


The Pinot smelled young and fruity.  I could smell strawberry, blackberry, spice and red cherry.  The wine smelled like a new world style Pinot Noir.

My initial taste was the Pinot was dry and full-bodied.  It was slightly tart.  The tannins were medium and soft.  It was very flavorful.  As I tasted the wine it had silky rich complex flavors.  The finish was short but soft and felt in my mid palate.

abv: 15.6%

How much:  $55.00 (slightly high I think)

I rated the 2010 Anderson’s Conn Valley Pinot Noir three glasses.  The Pinot Noir was pretty good, but in this price range I could think of a few other labels.

One thing I like is the labeling on the cork.  The cork notes “Redeem this cork at the winery for a free tasting”.  That’s a great idea and it saves you $45 for the cave tour.  And, it gets more people to come to the winery and try the wines.


In Vino Veritas!

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