2009 Zen of the Zin – Old Vine Zinfandel

I always enjoy it when a friend brings a bottle of wine to share.  This evening Eileen came over to watch one of the smut shows with Chris, and she brought a bottle of Zinfandel I have not tried before.

I had not heard of “Zen of Zin” so I was intrigued.  I grabbed some glasses and pulled the cork as Chris and Eileen were preparing some food.  Chris had made a home made pizza with Mozzarella Cheese, Sun Dried Tomatoes, and fresh Basil.  I poured us all a glass and I ventured into my office to watch my series “Falling Skies” with my tasting sheet.  If your a Sci-Fi geek like me I am sure you are watching it.  Next week is the final show of Season Two and the cable network renewed them for Season Three.

As I  started watching the show I opened my internet browser and did a search on the Zen of Zin.  After a little bit of hunting I found Ravenswood Winery is the maker and producer.  As I was wandering around the Ravenswood Winery website I came across and interesting story on history of the California Zinfandel.  This wine’s root go back to Croatia as early as 1300B.C.  To learn more click this link.

So back to the Zen of Zin

While I watched Falling Skies and ate, I proceeded to fill out my tasting sheet.  Here are my notes.

The color depth of the Zinfandel was medium with no sediment in my glass.  The color hue was a nice dark Garnet.

The Zen of Zin was very aromatic and smelled young and fruity.  Some of the aromas I noticed were Plum, Red Fruit, spice and maybe coffee?

Now for the surprising part.  The Zinfandel was medium bodied and was not dry at all.  The tannins were medium not strong and could be felt through my mid palate and I liked the long finish.  Some of the flavors were Spice, Black Fruit and Coffee too.

Eileen did a great job picking another great wine that was under $15.00!

We rated the Zen of Zin Old Vine Zinfandel three glasses.

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