2009 Stags Leap Petite Syrah


Chris and I had a date night recently.  She had found a Groupon deal to a restaurant we had not yet eaten at in Uptown, Minneapolis.  This area of the twin cities has many good restaurants but we rarely find ourselves traveling down there even though we only live 40 minutes from there.  We’re going to make a better effort at trying some of the spots in that area.

Urban Eatery, is  located at the street level of Calhoun Beach Club.  They offer fresh and locally sourced menu options and they are open for brunch, lunch, and diner every Thursday to Sunday.

Once seated we were greeted by Manuel.  “Manny” was very friendly and was very happy we had the Groupon for our first visit there.  He explained that we would be enjoying our night with the specially prepared meals by the chef.  He was very informative about the menu and had recommendations and suggestions on the food.  I have to admit he did steer us in the right direction.

Before dinner I wanted to select a wine to pair with our meal.  Since most of the dishes were earthy and smokey I wanted a wine that would pair well with that style of cuisine.  The wine list was limited, but after a few minutes I chose the 2009 Stags Leap Petite Syrah.


The Groupon included a five course meal.  An appetizer, two salads, two main dishes and a dessert.  We chose Duck Breast Nacho’s for our appetizer and opted for a Roasted Beet and Cheery salad; as well as a Roasted Pear and Spinach.  Both were very good and I was happy we shared so we could taste more off of the menu.  I chose the Smoked Pork Chop for my main course and Chris went for the Seared Duck Breast.  Each delicious!  We’ll feature this restaurant within the review page soon!

Deep Inky Purple hue and very clear.


Moderate aromas of Smokey, Oaky, Black fruit and earthy.

Slightly dry. full bodied Petite Syrah. My initial tastes were Dry, smokey, spicy with vanilla notes.  Both black and red fruit.  The finish was nice ans long.

Blend: 80% Petite Sirah, 20% Other (Syrah, Grenache, and Mourvedre) – This explains the earthy notes.

abv: 14.1%

How much?  We paid $74 for the bottle of wine.  Initially I felt it was over priced but as the meal progressed it did get better.  Looking at the Stags Leap website it is priced at $36 per bottle.

I rated the 2009 Stags Leap Petite Syrah two glasses.


In Vino Veritas!

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