2009 pureCru Sangio Vetta


Chris was to be leaving for the day, planning to spend the night to help our friend Jen.  Jen’s husband John was away on business and unfortunately Jen is undergoing treatments for cancer.  Things look bright and it appears the tumor has shrunk significantly!  We hope and pray everyday that she is on the mend quickly!  My message sent for her was that Jen and I need to drink some great wine and rock out in the living room together again soon, so she best get well quickly!

Since Chris was going to be gone, she was kind enough to help prepare my dinner before she left.  She left me a couple of chicken tenders and a few home-made ravioli in the refrigerator that I would have to prepare later for myself.  After work I needed a few hours to study so having the house quiet was a good thing.  I was needing peace and quiet to prepare for my mid-term the following day.

Much like Chris, I wanted to have a glass of wine while I prepared my dinner!  I wasn’t in the mood for a big and bold Cabernet Sauvignon; and wasn’t feeling like a white.  I was thinking something more medium bodied and flavorful that would pair with my meal.  Wandering down to cellar I starting pulling bottles in what I call my “Medium” section.  After a couple looks I came across a bottle of the 2009 pureCru Sangio Vetta.  This bottle was one of two from a previous wine club shipment.  What stuck out on this bottle was it had two back labels on it.  There was the front label too, but the label person mistakenly added two back labels to this bottle.

IMG_1350 IMG_1351

The color depth was medium with a ruby hue.  The Sangio Vetta was clear in my glass.


The aromas were moderate and young.  I could smell spice, slight oak, and toast.

The Sangio Vetta was not dry.  It was medium bodied with slight acidity.  It was slightly tart and the tannin’s were medium and soft.  This wine was soft and complex with a long and smooth finish.  It was very enjoyable to drink on its own and paired well with my meal.

abv: 15.1%

How much: Retail $28 per bottle.

I rated the 2009 Sangio Vetta three glasses.  I look forward to the next glass that I have saved for tomorrow!

IMG_1359I can cook, but prefer to have Chris.  Her eats are always better!

 In Vino Veritas!

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