2009 Jacuzzi Bianco di Sei Sorelle

I was introduced to Jacuzzi wines by way of a gift that came from my special Uncle Ron.  He pours wines for Jacuzzi Family Vineyards in Brentwood California.

During Thanksgiving weekend of 2011, Chris and I spent some time with friends in Napa.  We had a great weekend and wanted to visit Ron and Judy before we flew home following our weekend.  I called Judy a couple weeks earlier to make the arrangements and they were happy to host dinner for us.  We thoroughly enjoyed the meal that Ron and Judy prepared and drank some of the Jacuzzi wines. (even though I felt a little “grapey” that day).  As we were leaving Ron offered a bottle of the 2009 Jacuzzi Bianco di Sei Sorelle.  We had a little room in our bags so we graciously accepted the Chardonnay to drink another day.

Chris and I recently had a busy weekend hosting a wine dinner at our home.  Sunday came and gone, it Monday came too quickly.  We decided to have fish tacos for dinner and Chris had experienced a semi stressful day at her office.

As she was preparing dinner I asked if she wanted a glass of wine with dinner.  “Yes” she promptly said.  When I asked “Red” or “White”?  Chris simply didn’t have a preference.  When I wandered down to my cellar I came across the 2009 Jacuzzi Bianco di Sei Sorelle.

I really like the bottle design.

As Chris was plating our food I grabbed my cork screw and tasting sheet.  I pulled the cork and start taking notes.

What a beautiful Gold color

The Chardonnay had a brilliant Gold hue.  The color depth was medium and the clarity was clear.

Very aromatic and fruity.  I noted Pears, Pineapple and Apple.

A very semi sweet full bodied Chardonnay.  There were no tannins felt in my mouth and the Chardonnay is very flavorful.  It tasted very Buttery and had a hint of Banana.  The finish was long and was felt in my mid palate.

ABV: 14.5%

We both enjoyed the 2009 Chardonnay and rated it three glasses.

In Vino Veritas

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