2009 Clos Pegase Hommage Chardonnay


I am sick and tired of this long winter!  During the month of February we had sixteen straight days of sub-zero mornings and not only is it taking its toll on us, but on the house too.  We recently came back from a week’s trip in California and found our line to the septic system was frozen.  Fortunately the basement was not flooded entirely and was limited to a small amount of back up by the drain where we had to throw out some carpet in the back room.  I am looking forward to summer and wont complain about the heat this year!

We have been drinking more red wines lately then whites.  I wanted to have a dry, crisp white wine with dinner and wandered down stairs where the cellar to find a Chardonnay.  I decided on a bottle of  2009 Clos Pegase Hommage Chardonnay.  The fruit came from the Carneros AVA in southern Napa and Sonoma.  If you are in a liquor store and are not sure what Chardonnay is good, it’s a safe bet that a selection of one from Carneros is a safe bet.

photo 1

Pale color depth.  A nice amber hue.

photo 4

The Chardonnay was very aromatic and fruity.  I could smell creamy, buttery, pear, banana, and citrus.

It was not sweet and was medium-bodied.  The acidity was good as well as the tannins.  The mouth feel was buttery with a slight tart feel on both sides of my tongue and my mouth salivate with every sip.  The finish was long and flavorful.

abv: 14.8%

How much: $30.00

I rated the 2009 Clos Pegase Hommage Chardonnay three glasses.  It was really good and I would drink it again.

In Vino Veritas!

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