2008 Shafer Merlot

So it was T-Minus 26 hours and we were to get on our way to Italy!  We hope to take some great pictures and share some amazing wines with you!

Last Saturday we had to do some errands in preparation for our vacation.  We spent quite a few hours at the local Maple Grove shopping center  and as we were wrapping up I suggested we frequent one of our favorite restaurants; “Nectar”.  Chef Kevin has some excellent appetizers that are perfect enjoyed with a glass of wine.  Unfortunately when we arrived we were an hour to soon!  Ugh!!  So it was time for plan “B”…  We could hit one of the local bar/pubs in Anoka or drive home and make our own appetizers and pair it with one of our favorite wines.

I think it was a matter of seconds that we both agreed and we were heading for home.  As we were driving home the conversation of what we would enjoy commenced.  We had decided to make a Goat Cheese dip as well as some crustinis with steak, onions and green peppers.  By now we were both very hungry and I could not wait to get home!

When we arrived home, we both hurried to empty the car and I ran down to the freezer to grab some items for Chris.  She started cooking the peppers and onions while I fired up the grill so she could grill the crustinis.

While Chris was busy in the kitchen it was time to wander down to the cellar to grab a nice bottle of wine.  Moments later I was walking back up with a bottle of 2008 Shafer Merlot.

I tried to hide the label but Chris knew immediately what I had in my hand based on the color of the label.  I think I scored good on this one today!

I only had minutes before Chris came back inside from the grill with the crustini’s so I grabbed my tasting notes, glasses, and a cork screw.  I had time to take some notes before she was done preparing.  Soon the crustini’s and the goat cheese were hot and ready and ready to be ate.

With the cork pulled and the glasses poured, it was time to take some notes.

The color was Purple and the depth was deep.  Clearly a darker Merlot.

Very aromatic!  Some of the aromas were red cherry as well as an overall red fruit.  I also thought it smelled like a red jam!  I also noted a little caramel too?

A little dry and definitely full bodied.  The tannins were medium and could be felt in my mid palette.  The 2008 Merlot was very flavorful with a nice long finish.  Some of the flavors I noted were dark red cherry and a dark fruit.  I also could taste cocoa and dark chocolate probably from the toasting of the barrel.

Chris plated our appetizers and it was time to each.  The 2008 Shafer Merlot was excellent and complimented our happy hour snack!

We both enjoyed the wine and the food was excellent!  I am getting hungry typing this blog.

We rated the 2008 Shafer Merlot four glasses.


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