2007 Beringer Marston Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Ok it wasn’t quite Friday when I wrote this.  (it was Wednesday).  It had been a couple rough weeks and I wanted a glass of wine to simply decompress.  We were to leave for our Italy trip in just nine days and I kept reminding everyone at work…

Recently, Chris had roasted some fresh red beets.  She left them in the fridge and this night she was going to make me a red beet salad with Kielbasa Sausage and Spanakopita.  I could not wait!

Just as she was starting dinner I wandered down to our cellar to look for a yummy treat as I felt that I deserved it!  I was wanting a Cabernet Sauvignon and a young one at that.  As I was pulling bottles I came across a 2007 Marston Vineyard Single Vineyard from Beringer.  So far I have not found one of their single vineyard wines that I did not enjoy.


In anticipation and my mouth salivating, I grabbed my tasting sheet and my trusty cork screw.  I cut the foil and pulled the cork.  I was welcomed with a “POP”, which is music to my ears!

I poured Chris and I each a glass and proceeded to make some notes.

What a nice color.  It was a Garnet almost Ruby color.  The Cabernet Sauvignon was very clear and the color depth was deep in the center of my glass.

Excellent!  The Cabernet was very aromatic.  I could smell Blackberry, Vanilla and it had a jammy note.  I wondered if I could smell Bilberry?

As Carlos in the Reserve tasting room would say, it was “Yummy”!  The Marston Cabernet was full bodied and the acidity was excellent!  It was very flavorful and as I drank the wine over time I could taste Blackberry, light coffee, Cocoa and eventually a nice light spice.  The finish was nice and long and the tannins were felt in the middle of my tongue.

We were finally ready to eat.  Chris did an excellent job with preparation of the beet salad, which contained, Feta Cheese, Pecans, fresh Basic and Mint topped with white balsamic honey mustard salad.

The two paired perfect!

I was in food and wine Heaven!!

We both rated the 2007 Marston Vineyard from Beringer four glasses!

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