2007 Anne Amie Pinot Noir


Nick and Bri were watching Simba over the holidays while Chris and I were lucky enough to get out of the cold for an extended weekend in Seattle.  Even though the weather in Seattle was cloudy and in the upper 40’s, it felt pretty good.  The Sunday after New Years Day the kids came over for dinner to bring Simba back.  We decided to have an early dinner since the temps outside were fridgid and they wanted to get home before dark.  Chris was making a pasta meal with a light home-made red sauce.  Nick is a fan of Pinot Noir so I decided to pour us a glass before we ate dinner.

photo 3

Medium color depth and a ruby hue.

photo 1

The wine was moderate in my glass.  I had to swirl it to get a nose.  It smelled young-fruity and I noted spice, red cherry, rhubarb, oak, and caramel.

The Pinot was so slightly dry.  It was medium-bodied and the acidity was nice.  The tannins were weak and soft, but it was very flavorful.  It had a soft silky mouth feel with textured red fruit flavors with a medium finish.

abv: 13.6%

How much: $20

We enjoyed the 2007 Anne Amie Pinot Noir and I rated the wine three glasses.  It’s a great wine from the Willamette Valley.  Oregon is well-known for its Pinot’s.  Did you know if an Oregon appellation is on the wine label the fruit has to 100% from the area?

In Vino Veritas!

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