2006 Stuart Cellars Sangiovese


During the second half of the second night of the Bachelor, the girls ran out of wine!  Chris asked if I could open a bottle to share that the girls would like.

So, I wandered down to the cellar and looked at the “Bachelor” wine section.  A few seconds later I grabbed a bottle of 2006 Sangiovese from Stuart Cellars.

IMG_0849It had been quite a few years since I had tried this wine.  I remember the wine had been part of the wine club pick up when friends Joe and Lisa owned a wine store in Champlin.

Being a fan of Sangiovese and many wines from Italy, I decided to try a small glass along with the girls.  As usual, I needed to grab my tasting sheet and a pen to take notes.  Before I pulled the cork I read the back label to learn more.  To my surprise the Sangiovese was blended like a Super Tuscan.  The blend of this Sangiovese was 14% Cabernet Sauvignon, 9% Merlot and the remainder Sangiovese.  Now I was really looking forward to trying the Stuart Cellars wine!

A nice medium color depth and a ruby color.  The meniscus were more bricky and showing age.


Moderate and fruity.  I noted Red Cherry and Raspberry.

Slightly dry and medium bodied, with balanced acidity and tannins.  The Super Tuscan was flavorful including flavors of Red fruit, Oak and Vanilla and I could have sworn I could taste Green Bell Pepper.  The finish was long and nice.

abv: 14.2%

I rated the 2006 Stuart Cellars Sangiovese before heading back to the bedroom to watch my show while the girls continued to view their “smut show”!

In Vino Veritas!

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