2005 Clos La Chance Meritage

The first time Chis and I tasted the Clos La Chance wine was at our friends Joe and Lisa’s Wine Styles store.  Around the same time we attended a charity event at Capital Grille where 10% of the wine purchases were given to the charity that night.  I was familiar with the 2005 Clos La Chance Meritage so Chris and I purchased a case!

Years later and many bottles consumed, we are down to the last two bottles.  Finally it was Friday as I had had a really good and busy work week.  I had many people in town and it was productive, but glad to see the weekend.  Dave and Heather were joining us for dinner and wine.  We’ve been needing to work on our wine label.  We signed up together for a wine making class where our juice is already in a fermentation tank waiting to turn to alcohol and we’ve been talking about a label for quite some time.  We finally agreed on “Wandering Cellars”.  This is a project we are working on together.

Anyways, we had time to sit and have a glass of wine before dinner.  I had pulled the 2005 Clos La Chance Meritage from my cellar earlier that day so the bottle was ready.  I pulled the cork and grabbed my tasting sheet.

The color depth was medium with a Ruby hue and it was nice and clear in our glass.

The aroma was moderate but still smelled young and fruity.  Some of the notes were Cherry, Raspberry and slight nose of Almond.

We could still feel the tannins as the Meritage was medium to full bodied.  The acidity was nice and my mouth salivated as I drank it.  The tannins were medium yet the finish was soft and felt in our mid palate.  The finish was medium yet flavorful while we could taste light red fruit.

We enjoyed the 2005 Clos La Chance Meritage and rated it three glasses.

In Vino Veritas

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