2003 Alexander Valley Silver Oak


The first time I ever tasted Silver Oak was with my work colleague and friend Kevin while out on a business dinner meeting with our customer.  Since then, Kevin has shared many vintages of both Napa Valley and Alexander Valley Cabernets at his home in Aptos CA.  I have to say each one has been excellent!

We have attended a number of Silver Oak Napa Valley Release parties, which are held in February.  If you have not had the opportunity to attend one of these events, you should experience it at least once.  It’s quite the event, but please be patient as there will be a lot of people there.  Chris and I have also traveled to Alexander Valley and visited the Silver Oak tasting room there.  Each one is unique.


Chris in the tent – I think it was 2008               Bill and Joe at the 2010 release party

Bill, Liz and Kevin 2009

Thomas Arvid painting a masterpiece – 2009 Napa Valley Release Party

This past Saturday was St. Patrick’s day and Chris and I decided to stay home.  There was sure to be a lot of people on the roads so we opted to simply stay in, enjoy the quiet of home and be safe.

Chris made Shrimp and Steak on the barbeque with fresh green beans.  I had been craving shrimp and steak for weeks.  With the record warm temps in Minnesota, grilling was definitely a must do.  While she was busy in the kitchen, I decided to wonder down to our cellar and grab a 2003 Alexander Valley Silver Oak.

Before we started dinner I needed a snack.  Chris made us cheese and garlic crustini’s with a cheese platter.  The cheese we enjoyed were an Aged Gouda, Italian Truffle, Aged Cheddar, Manchego and Jarlsberg.  It was a nice start to a great night at home!

It was time to pull the cork and see how this bottle of 2003 Silver Oak was holding up…

As I pulled the cork and started to pour wine into my glass, I could see it had a nice purple color.  I also noticed a light bricky hue on the edge of the wine.  The wine was holding up perfectly.  As I smelled it, there was a hint of cherry and ripe fruit.  We also noticed vanilla and caramel.  The wine had a great bouquet!  It was time to give it a try.  As I tried my first taste, the tannins attacked (attack is a good thing) the front and middle of my palate with a light finish.  The tannins were very soft.  We could taste dark chocolate and it was very balanced.

Chris and I both really enjoyed this wine!  While enjoying the appetizer, it was tough to save a glass for our meal.

Life is too short to drink crappy wine.  Expand your palate and keep trying.

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