2010 Sequoia Grove Stage Coach Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon


We have been club members at Sequoia Grove in Rutherford for a couple of years.  Within our most recent club shipment we received a 2010 Sequoia Grove Stage Coach Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon.  At first I was going to add the bottle to my cellar, but then I thought why not try a newly released Cabernet and see if it needs cellar time or is it drinkable now?

photo 1

Chris was making a baked salmon with a peanut citrus sauce with rice cakes that included shrimp and cilantro, topped with crème fraîche.  You would think a heavy Cabernet would not pair well but I was taking a chance and thought that if necessary, I could decant the wine if it was too tight.  To my surprise the wine was very soft and rich with flavors and it paired very well with the dinner.  My recommendation is to never be afraid to try various wines and foods together.  If you find that they do not work, you can easily adjust one or the other, but for the most part if both are your favorites – my guess it should work.  One thing to take into consideration is salty food softens a dry red wine, and sweet food will make a soft red wine more dry.


Deep color depth and a purple hue.

photo 2

The Cabernet was very aromatic youthful-fruity.  I could smell blackberry, cherry, spice, and cocoa.

This wine was dry and full-bodied with lively acidity.  The tannins were medium and slightly astringent and I noticed that the wine had rich mid-palate flavors.  I found this wine very flavorful with a medium finish.

abv: 14.4%

How much: $90 retail

Appellation/Region:   Stage Coach vineyard in Napa Valley

I rated the 2010 Sequoia Grove Stage Coach Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon four glasses.

I am finding that all Sequoia Grove wines are consistently really good wines.

Life is too short to drink crappy wine!

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